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Pam Makin spoken word perfomer

"Poetry is how we endure the unendurable. Sometimes it has to be a lie."

Pip Williams -

The Bookbinder of Jericho

In 2018, I quit my day job and started doing other, more creative, things. For fun, I entered a local slam. I won my heat and went on to be runner up in the final. I was hooked - on poetry, on performance, and into the Adelaide spoken word community.


I now participate at open mics, storytelling events, and slams. As well as being runner-up in the 2019 Adelaide Summer Slam, I was also a finalist in the 2020 Winter Slam, and a finalist in the 2021 South Australian State Slam.

In April and May of 2023, I was Spoken Word SA's Poet in Residence at Adelaide City Library. My project, titled Shakespeare's Monkeys, was focussed on sonnets and some of the content can be accessed here.

I have recently had poetry published in periodicals, blogs, and anthologies like Meniscus, Saltbush Review, InDaily, Five Fleas, and Adelaide, Mapping the Human City. Thrillingly, a short poem was selected to be part of Raining Poetry in Adelaide in 2021. And in another fun moment, Poetic City Canberra selected five of my pieces for the their Haiku 4 You project in 2023.

Please use the links that follow to read some poetry. Those marked NEW have been added in the latest update.

Quick Links

Short Reads

A Rose Diminished

Choose Your Own Adventure (curated for Five Fleas Itchy Poetry 25 May 2023)

Dead or Alive NEW

God Shrugs (curated for Five Fleas Itchy Poetry 11 January 2023)

Lettuce Eat (curated by InDaily 26 July 2023)

Our Jagged-Edged World (curated for Five Fleas Itchy Poetry 25 May 2023)

Sands NEW

Sea Life (curated for Flow, Friendly Street Reader 25, 2001)

Something Stupid

Space Walk

Where Were You?

Wings (curated for Raining Poetry in Adelaide 2021 and The Saltbush Review Issue 1)

About Adelaide

Come to the Table, Adelaide

King of the Foyer

Outside a Library (curated by InDaily 25 October 2023)

Strangers on a Train

Stuck. In Adelaide.

Summer on North Terrace

Ekphrastic Poetry

A Symphony of Sorrowful Songs - How sad Does It Need To Be?

Absence Embodied

Always Look on the Bright Side of Gorecki (curated by InDaily 10 May 2023)

Big Step, Little Step


Experience, Fuzzy but Important

Ikbar's Dream

Just Whistlin'

Mac Broth (curated for Spinning Thistledown, Barossa Writers anthology, 2001)

Morning has Broken over The Grapes of Wrath NEW

Nothing has Changed NEW (ish)

Shade and Shine (commissioned for Wanderlust Greenock, Fringe 2020)

Silent Music

Spider NEW

Stardust Dreaming NEW (but actually quite old)

The Time has Come to Talk of Many Things: NEW

You Gonna Triolet?

Environmental Poetry

Climate Change Policy


It was Fun while it Lasted, Babe

Planet B NEW

Protectors of the Bushland Dream

Same Crisis, New Year. 2024 NEW

Space Explorers

The Human Touch

Trackside. Pakenham. Ash Wednesday 1983. NEW

Very Close Encounter

You are Here (curated by InDaily 1 November 2023)

Love Poems

Aging Feels like Smoked Herring Paste NEW

By Mutual Consent

Counting the Ways

Father and Son 

Him (curated by InDaily 17 May 2023)

How Do I Unlove Thee?

Say Love (curated by InDaily 26 July 2023)

Tahiti. 6:00 AM. Alone. NEW

The Science of Seduction (curated for Meniscus Vol 11 Issue 1 2023)

The Pandemic

Dog and Hope Essential (No Stamp Required)

Today, I Weep

What's the Story?

Window Gazing


A Knock on the Door NEW

Circle of Half Life

Dear Jen

Free Me

In Your Country

Is This The End?


Shooting Fish in Barrel

Sonnet for Country NEW

Spring Racing - Melbourne 2019

What a Question!

White, on Black

I am Woman

A Feminist Fable NEW

Be Wonder Woman

Big Step, Little Step

By Mutual Consent

Choose Your Own Adventure (curated for Five Fleas Itchy Poetry 25 May 2023)


Christmas. Special.

Dear Pete

Home for Lunch

Losing My Voice

Olympia Dukakis is Not Dead Yet (Sadly, Olympia Dukakis died 1 May 2021, but was not dead at the time of writing.)

Starts Young

Urban Lynx NEW


Witch Hunt

You're Not Funny, Mate


Writing and Poetry

A Cage in Search of a Bird NEW

Entitled (to an opening line)

Four Minutes

It is Written

The Point

The Sport of Writing

This is Slammin'!

Trinity NEW

Word Crush

Up Close & Personal


It's My Mess and I'm Fine

Little Boxes

Nobody is Likely to Write a Poem about Soap

Stuff It! It's Fine

Thoughts on Turning Fifty-Seven

To My Hands

Today. Again.

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