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Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction is still fun to read and to write.

At school, creative writing assignments were always my favourite homework. But once I had left school, I didn't write a lot of fiction except for a story or two for the children in my life.

Then in 2019, I discovered a challenge called Furious Fiction - write a story using prompts, under 500 words, in a weekend. I entered. I was long-listed. They had me hooked.

I have entered Furious Fiction at every opportunity since then and also write the odd story in between. Although I do not submit them often for publishing, I have had four stories accepted for an upcoming anthology.


Here are some from my blog. Those marked NEW have been added in the last update.

"I think that the act of taking something and making it into a story that you share with someone else, even if it's just one person - that's an act of love."

Katherine Heiny -

The Guardian

Pam Makin writing

Quick Links

Listed Stories

Come to the Window (short listed Furious Fiction, May 2021)

A Letter from Santa (long listed Furious Fiction, December 2019)

And Yet It Moves (long listed Furious Fiction, October 2023) NEW

Good Neighbours. Good Friends. (long listed Furious Fiction, September 2022)

Pink (long listed Furious Fiction, April 2023)

Survivor (long listed Furious Fiction, November 2023) NEW

The Pub Test (long listed Furious Fiction, November 2020)

There is Always Tea (long listed Furious Fiction, August 2023) NEW

Winning Scientifically (long listed Not Quite Write, August 2023) NEW

Furious Fiction Entries

A Crime of Passion (March 2022)

A Role for Life (June 2022)

A Teen Movie Cliche (September 2021)

Alice in the Outback (April 2024) NEW

Breaking Back (October 2021)

Catching Tram 22 (December 2022)

Driving Miss Maisy (October 2020)

How I Met Your Grandmother (January 2020)

If You are Listening to This... (December 2021)

In the Picture (May 2020)

Jack the Giant Slayer (August 2023) NEW

Job Done (January 2024) NEW

Late Fledgling (March 2024) NEW

Magic Happens (June 2021)

Marvellous Martindale (March 2021)

Meanwhile, at the Crawford's... NEW

My Little Friend (February 2024) NEW

Other People's Madness (July 2020)

Pearls Before Swine (November 2021)

Rose, By Any Other Name (December 2020)

Sandwich Who? (August 2020)

Seeds (July 2023) NEW

Slammed (July 2021)

S.O.S. (September 2020)

The Flower Watcher (February 2020)

The Golden Age of Musical Icons (April 2020)

The Lady Ruth (June 2020)

They're Not Called Love Apples for Nothing (May 2023) NEW

Those who Wait (December 2023) NEW

Too Pooped to Pap (March 2020)

When Life Gives You Pumpkins (August 2020)

Where's My Bicycle? (January 2021)

Other Stories

A Meeting of The Supreme Council

A Toast to Dad

All Animals are Equal

And Then What?

Belinda's Grandma's Cat

Ghost of a Chance

Going Home

Into the Flow


Make Something Happen

Meanwhile, at the Crawford's... NEW

Mother Knows

On Ice

Something is Not Right

Sticking My Neck Out

The Myth of The Scrolls of Perpetual Servitude

The Responsibilities of the Maid of Honour


What to do in a Blackout

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